The Greatest Restaurant & Pub on the planet earth as we know it!

Bruce Milliken & David Lautner opened The Longboard Restaurant & Pub 25 years ago in the oldest building in Huntington Beach on Main Street. The Longboard was instantly a locals hit.

Ron McLin took over management of The Longboard 18 years ago and turned The Longboard into a destination point for visiting tourists, Southern California & the world. Serving great food by our friendly staff, millions became part of the Longboard Family.

In 2013 La Brique, open since 1969, a 70s style Steakhouse closed for business after 40 years. We saw this as an opportunity to expand and serve more of our customers in H.B and our surrounding cities.

We gutted the building from dark & dingy with low ceilings to light and beachy with ocean floors. We brought in 35 TVs for sports and surfing and added a patio. Billy Hopkins added beautiful HB surf pictures. Last but not the least the Longboard would not be the Longboard without the famous Longboard Wave!

The Longboard Restaurant at Springdale was opened October of 2013 with an expanded menu and larger restaurant. Ron, Casey, Carrie, Allison, Dave, Cole, Kelli brought the soul of the Longboard family to the new employees. Ron McLin former Manager of Downtown Longboard brings his experience, and culinary expertise to the Springdale St. location full time. Ron’s experience comes from Executive General management of Houlihan’s Old Place, The Rusty Pelican Long Beach, 18 years running The Longboard Restaurant & Pub or you might remember him from J.C. McLin’s on Beach Blvd in H.B.